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Feb 24, 2006

Pro-Test Demonstration This Saturday

I talked to one of the organizers of the pro-research group Pro-Test yesterday, and the rally these students have planned in Oxford this Saturday promises to be informative and exciting. For reasons demonstrating why this event is important, see the article in today's Guardian and my last post on the issue. If you're in the Oxford area, I hope to see you there:
Build the Oxford Animal Lab

March: 11.30am, Saturday 25 February (6th Week)
Rally in Broad Street, to march via South Parks Road to Radcliffe Square

Support science. Support progress. March in favour of the Oxford Biomedical Research Laboratory and medical advancement through animal experimentation. Demonstrate on Saturday to ensure scientific and medical research continues (and improves) in Oxford University!

Speakers include (from 11.30am):
  • Professor Tipu Aziz, Neurosurgeon at the Radcliffe Infirmary
  • Professor John Stein, Professor of Physiology at Oxford University
  • Dr Simon Festing, the Executive Director of the Research Defence Society
  • Dr Evan Harris, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon
  • Pro-Test representatives
Join the email list by emailing:

Update 24 February 13:12 GMT: I should also point readers to an article by Pro-Tester Kristina Cook on Spiked Online that explains what Pro-Test is all about.


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