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Jun 8, 2006

White House "Science" Adviser to Answer Questions From Public

Via Afarensis comes news that White House Science Adviser John Marburger will be answering questions from the public (which can be submitted here) through Newsweek, and the answers will be published on Friday, June 9th. It's unclear when submissions will be cut off.

What will I be asking? Well, where do I start? Several questions come to mind about the NASA censorship scandal, as well as questions about the administration's abominable policy on embryonic stem cell research funding. We’ll see if any get answered. Ha!

While we’re on the topic of stem cells, though, The Boston Globe reports that Harvard is stepping up its efforts to be the first institution to clone human embryos and derive embryonic stem cell lines from them. In what what seems to be an unintentional use of understatement, the article notes that this research will be “complicated because it cannot be supported with federal money." The work looks to remain “complicated” for the time being as the Senate continues to delay a vote on H.R. 810, a bill which would reverse the current restrictions decreed by President Bush in 2001.


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