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Mar 3, 2006

Distract Yourself With This

I've been busy grading papers lately (and then there's been that little matter of working on my Ph.D. research as well...) so in lieu of some real scientific activism, I'll direct you toward some of the more interesting things I've seen in the science blogosphere over the last couple of days.
  • Over at The Intersection, Chris Mooney takes on President Bush's Science Advisor, John Marburger, after hearing a recent interview in which NPR "let Marburger off far too easily."
  • William Connolley of the blog Stoat reports on the leaking of a draft of the upcoming report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I first came across this one at A Concerned Scientist).
  • Finally, Janet Stemwedel opens an interesting discussion at Adventures in Ethics and Science about what makes her qualified to comment on scientific issues. The natural question here, though, is what on earth makes me qualified to talk about all of these things? According to my resume, I think my anticipated degree from Oxford, distinguished future scientific career, expected Nobel Prize in Chemistry and/or Literature, and potential two-term presidency of the United States of America speak for themselves. Don't worry, though. If all of that doesn't pan out, I promise I'll remember to "update" my resume to make the necessary changes.


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